Yumi Mandt-Rauch's mission is to be your ally to achieve your Real Estate goal. Each transaction that gets her commitment will be handled the way you would expect any first class service to be done: with professionalism, integrity, efficiency and outstanding customer service. You will experience a true partnership, team work and dedication that is unparalleled.

You can count on Yumi to tell you her honest opinion, even if that means no business to her. This is because her professional integrity is more important to her than a sale.

Yumi has a very unique combination of education, experiences and personality that helps her be successful in the Real Estate business:

1) She has Bachelor's degree in Economics, which helps her understand what affects the Real Estate business.

2) Her background as a computer programmer/analyst for major American corporations in both the USA and Brazil, gives her an analytical detail oriented mind. She is a problem solver and uses technology extensively to understand and analyze the market from the data point of view.

3) As Japanese Brazilian, her personality was shaped by two very different cultures. The very traditional, old fashion Japanese Culture where ethical behavior is the only acceptable one. As a daughter of Japanese immigrants, honor, honesty, integrity and hard work are the way of life in Yumi's upbringing. The Brazilian culture brought the other side to her, where a warm, welcoming and friendly approach is the norm in the country she grew up.

She has a deep compassion for human being which lead her to dream about her ultimate goal in life, create a "Kids and Dreams" foundation to give opportunity to any kid to pursue their dream and help kids achieve their full potential.

Just give Yumi a call, just to chat and get to know her. Don't take anyone's word for it. Do it yourself and see if she is the right person to be on your side to achieve your goal. Testimonials are available under
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